Refund and Exchange Policy


  • I will give the best description of all items. 
  • I'll make sure to state the size the model will be wearing.
  •  I will make sure to state the MATERIAL of products, this is a big deal because all material does NOT fit the same.
  •  Exchange is possible. However, you'd have to be mindful of:
  • Extras- Is this product available in the size needed. 
  • Location- How near or far you are away.
  • Shipping- Whether or not you're up to having to go ship items off.
  • Timing- Whether or not you're up to wait or CAN wait on the next order to be received.
  • Also items CANNOT be tampered with, nor damaged. So if you accidentally ripped a pair of jeans ( for instance) trying to get in them. THOSE ARE YOURS TO KEEP. NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND. ALL ITEMS WILL BE EXAMINED THOROUGHLY BEFORE SOLD.

 So I do pray that whatever is purchased will be perfect for you!

 With love,